A Blessing For Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes - we all have them. Whether we wash them by hand or pile them into our dishwasher - they always need to be done.

Today, I am offering a blessing for this ever present and somewhat mundane task. Print it off and tape it by your sink for the next time you have to clean dishes. May it be a meditation for you and lift your eyes to Jesus in everything you do. If you needed a blessing for laundry - I wrote one here. And if you ae wondering what I mean by “blessing” - you can read about that here.

May your dish washing be blessed.

A Blessing for Dirty Dishes

Heavenly Father, thank you for dirty dishes. 

I am not always thankful for them but I want to be thankful.

I know that dirty dishes are evidence that you provide food for my family.  They represent that you watch over me and those who I share meals with.  And I am thankful for that. 

Thank you that you are the Great Manna giver. And that even in the wilderness, you will provide all that I need. 

Thank you for clean water to wash these dishes with and a safe home in which to wash. 

Thank you for dirty dishes - for the reminder that you love me with all of my muck and mess, all my grit and grime.  Thank you that Jesus’ work on earth has made a way for me to stand before you - clothed in your righteousness and embraced in your love.  

Thank you for your forgiveness.  As I wash these dishes show me the things I need to repent of that I might also be cleansed.  

Forgive me when I am ungrateful for your provision. 

Forgive me for taking things like dishes to wash for granted. They are a reminder that I live in abundance and all this comes from your hand, nothing of my doing. 

Forgive me for the things you are reminding me of now ______________________________. 

Thank you for your forgiveness. 

Be near to and provide for those without clean water or a safe home. Fill the hungry and provide for the poor, the lonely, the sick, those living in war torn countries and in prison because of you. Bring them into a place of safety. Fill their plates and stomachs with good food.

Jesus - You are the Living Water. Those who drink from your will never be thirsty.  I humbly ask that you would satisfy my thirst with the pure water of eternal life.  

As I run the water in this sink, refresh my spirit with the life giving water that flows from your throne. Wash away all the weariness and burdens that I carry and bring me into a new understanding of who you are for myself and those around me. 

Thank you that you that your life, on earth, redeems even the most humble of everyday tasks, even washing dishes.  Thank you that you see me, here at this sink. Show me how this can be apart of glorifying you. 

As frustrations, difficulties, or worries from the day come to mind -help me to give each care from the day to you.  And provide me with the relief that comes from trusting you with my concerns and worries.  

Make me like you and may your Kingdom come in my life. 

Holy Spirit- thank you that you are with me in these unseen moments. 

Thank you for your presence at our table tonight - the product of which are these dirty dishes.  

Show me how to continue to make room for you and those that you would bring to our table, even when it hurts or I feel tired.  

Thank you for the food that was shared at my table tonight and guard me against bitterness that can come by the dishes left to wash and tend to after a meal. May they become a symbol of your grace and goodness in my life. 

May glimpses of your Kingdom be in every meal these dishes serve. May your Kingdom go out from my table.  

Be with each person who uses these dishes. May they be a reminder of your goodness and your ability to fill our every need.

Thank you for dirty dishes.