Beside Quiet Waters Turns 2!

Beside Quiet Waters is officially 2 years old today!

First things first:

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing, and recommending my blog to others. It has been a privilege to have you join me over the past 2 years and It is incredibly humbling that you have chosen to read what I have to write.

Some of you I know and some I have yet to meet but I really appreciate all of you.  I am glad to be on a common journey with you - as we discover what it means to follow Jesus in both the large and in the small, for the whole of our lives and in the everyday. 

Many of you have been kind enough to share with me how God has spoken to you through what I have written. I love hearing from you and find it so encouraging to know that God has invited me into His work in your life.

In the years of babies and toddlers, the idea of writing a blog began to germinate in my mind and heart. I was not sure that I had anything to share and most days, I still feel that way. But God has encouraged me to share what He is teaching me and I have tried to be obedient to that task.  

I chose the name Beside Quiet Waters because when I began the blog two years ago because that was what God was teaching me about.  My bible reading was leading me through stories of manna in the desert, water from a rock, Elijah and the ravens and many more.  And over and over again God was bringing me back to this image from Psalm 23 - that He would provide quiet waters despite the dark valley and difficult journey I was on..  That with Him as my Shepherd, I would be cared for, watched over, provided for, and loved.  That in the wilderness there would be goodness. That in the dark valley, I would learn that He can be trusted. And He has been faithful to these promises. 

My hope is that by sharing what God is teaching me in my life you might see Him more clearly in yours. And that, through this blog, you would know that you are not alone and that God is nearer than you might feel or think. 

So - here’s to year three of this strange and mysterious, miraculous and sanctifying, humbling and beautiful experience of knowing God. I look forward to travelling together over the next years and share what God is teaching me about Himself and hopefully hearing more stories of what God is teaching you.

In this coming year, I hope you know more deeply what it means to be refreshed beside the quiet waters that God has for you!

Thank you for reading!