A Blessing for Laundry

This is a blessing that I wrote for laundry.  I offer it to you as a humble attempt to bless a difficult task.  Happy laundering!

A Blessing For Laundry

Father, the one who clothes me and provides me with all that I need, bless those that wear these clothes.

Jesus you have clothed me in righteousness and love, may the wearer of these clothes be equally clothed in your grace. 

Holy Spirit may you protect each clothes wearer with the full armour of God that they might be rooted and established in your love in all the difficulties they face in this world. May these clothes bring them the comfort of your love and may they in turn be a vessel for your holy love and blessing in the world.

Father - thank you that you see me while I wash and do housework.  Thank you that you approve of the work I do for my family. Direct the path of each person who wears these socks.

Father, help me learn to value things that are unseen in this world and forgive me for worshipping the idol of success and human accalades. My desire is to find satisfaction in you alone.

Jesus- Thank you for the sacrifice of your life on my behalf.  Teach me how to accept sacrifice with joy, as you did your mission here on earth. Change my heart to care for my children, as you cared for all of God’s children.  Remind me that caring for my family is participating in your redemptive Kingdom. Guard the dreams and sleep of the owners of these pyjamas, may they find their rest in you.

Holy Spirit- thank you that are here with me in this laundry room and throughout my day.  Make your presence known to me when I ache for adult conversation and interaction. I ask that, through Jesus, you would speak to me the words of the Father when thoughts thunder in my head.  And may your presence bring the fruit of the Spirit in my life and I ask that it grow in the lives of those that wear these pants and shirts.

Above all these prayers, may you be glorified in my life, in my home, and in the lives of those that wear these clothes.  And bless the tasks I perform today that they might become holy acts of worship.